11 Benefits of Using Video In the Classroom

There’re many benefits to using video in your classroom for instruction. Videos are convenient and they’re versatile which makes them an asset to both teachers and students.

If you’re not already using video for classroom instruction take time to consider the 11 benefits of using video in the classroom.

benefits of video in the classroom


11 Benefits of Using Video in the Classroom

1 | Video in the classroom increase student engagement.

2 | Vido instruction delivers information in an authentic way.

3 | Videos offer Learning On the Go

4 | Video increase retention rate.

5 | Videos can be used in any discipline.

6 | Videos increase digital literacy.

5 | Videos offer flexibility of instruction.

6 | Videos allow teachers to flip their classrooms.

7 | Videos facilitate remote learning opportunities.

8 | Videos provide opportunities for students feedback

9 | Videos increase a teacher’s role as facilitator.

10 | Videos increase sensory experience.

11 | Videos enhance to home to school connection.


Video in the Classroom is Powerful

Since I started using video for instruction, I have seen positive shifts in my classroom. Students are more productive, I have more time to interact with students requiring support or advancement, and it has strengthened the partnership of teaching and learning with my students.

It may be difficult to get started creating your first videos and video lessons, but the results are worth the investment of your time and attention.

Need Help Getting Started with Video in Your Classroom?

Have you been wanting to create instructional videos but didn’t know where to get started? Any questions? Please comment below. I’d love to support you in your video in the classroom journey!








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