15 Reasons You Should Use WordPress for Your Blog

WordPress is easy. But if you’re still deciding whether to use WordPress, learn about the benefits. It’s a great blogging tool. You might be asking, “Can I build my website with WordPress on my own?”

These are great questions, and today you’re getting answers.  Here is a list of 15 reasons why you should use WordPress.

Reason you should use WordPress:

1. 31% of the top 1M sites use WordPress

Stats don’t lie and this one is interesting.  While WordPress has a dominant overall market share, it holds its position of 31% of the top 1 million sites. It also holds 23% of the 10,000 top tier websites – the most trafficked sites in the world! Not one content management system competitor comes close.

2. WordPress Can Do So Much With Plugins

Plugins are tools that allow you to make changes on your website with out even knowing how to code.

The massive amounts of choices with WordPress plugins means you can have any functionality you could image. This alone beats all other content management systems you  might use instead of WordPress. WordPress’ massive plugin options surpasses all of other content management systems. WordPress has 52,000 plugins in their directory. Whereas Joomla has 8,000 and Drupal has 39,000.

Official plugin listings:

3. WordPress Makes it Easy to Change the Look and Feel of Your Site Without Knowing How to Code

Plugins are cook, But, so are WordPress Themes. You can get lost for hours just looking for a theme. Themes allow you to control the way your site looks and feels. However, you don’t’ need to know a single line of code.   

You can choose from both free and premium themes. Premium themes are cool, but you don’t really need them to get started. Consider this a benefit for the experienced blogger.

My suggestion is you start out with a free, simple, clean theme like Zillah. You can always upgrade to the premium WordPress them in the future if you like.

You can find thousands of free themes at WordPress.org, with thousands more at third-party marketplaces and developers.

4. WordPress in Not Just in English

Do you want to reach non-English speaking audience? Do you speak another language? If you’re not a native English speaker, you have nothing to worry about. WordPress has been translated into hundreds of different languages…  169 different languages to be exact!!!! Plugins may have translated version too. You can translate site with plugins like Polyang and Weglot if you need to.

5. WordPress is used by Brand Name Rock Stars

Sure, lots of new bloggers use WordPress, but did you know there are countless big brands using WordPress. Sony Music, Mercedes Benz, BBC America, Reuters, Harvard University and the University of Washington. The List goes on and on…

Some impressive companies using WordPress:

The Roling Stone, CBS News, Boise State University, Vogue,, People Magazine, Facebook News Room, Sony Music, Target, UPS, Best Buy,and Xerox, just to name a few.

Sony Music, Target UPS, W

Some of the big brands you’ll recognize using WordPress:

6. WordPress is Inexpensive Compared to Other Options

You might be wondering why this is true because WordPress is free. Yes, there are free themes and plugins to use as well. The only cost you will to build your WordPress site are the unavoidable domain purchase and cheap WordPress hosting. You can build and run your WordPress site for as little and $5 a month.

 Keep in mind, the cost of Squarespace is $95 a year and you can find plenty of free themes and plugins to build your site with WordPress. That means your only unavoidable, fixed costs are cheap WordPress hosting and a domain name. All in, it’s possible to run a basic WordPress site for as little as ~$60 per yearthough you’ll exceed this if you want premium plugins or themes.

Compare that to Squarespace which already starts at $96 per year for the most basic plan.

7. WordPress Help is Everywhere

We’ve already established that WordPress is the most popular content managements system. You can find help across the web to support you on anything and everything about WordPress. Consider it the WordPress ecosystem.  Plenty of blogs post WordPress tutorials, and there are also dedicated WordPress support forums, as well as helpful beginner-friendly video tutorials.

8. WordPress was Build with Flexibility in Mind

Plugins offered for WordPress are magical. Build your site or blog and you have the potential to create an eCommerce store, launch a local directory such as Yelp, or build a social network. The possibilities are endless.  Blogging with WordPress is Great, but it’s so flexibility it can do so much more!

9. WordPress Interconnects third-party tools

With WordPress, you can still use your favorite email marketing servicepayment gateways, and more. Thanks to its huge number of plugins, you can connect WordPress to helpful third-party website services and exand your reach to build a brand, establish an online business, create a tribe of raving fans.

Basically you can accomplish goal you envision!

10. WordPress Also Allows You to Be Self-Contained

Don’t want to interact with third-party services? No problem. You can contain what you need within WordPress on your dashboard. Many WordPress beginners prefer to build and email list, send newsletters, and connect with visitors in lots of different ways… all without leaving the WordPress dashboard.

11. WordPress is Always Working to Be User Friendly

WordPress is already competitive in price and they are committed to remaining competitive in usability. Looking to their competitors like Squarespace and Wix, WordPress knows the values of being user friendly to beginners. User friendly and flexibility are two advantages that are obvious in WordPress.

Coding is not necessary to easily customize your site.

12. WordPress Makes Search Engine Optimization A Snap

Search engine optimization can’t be ignored if you want traffic to your website or blog.  Yoast SEO, All in One SEO, and other free and paid plugins help you expand your reach. You don’t need to be a coding master. Just configure the settings and the plugins do their genius work.

The best part, some plugins analyze your site give you suggestions. Don’t know anything about SEO? No worries, you can still optimize content by taking the lead from magical plugins.

13. WordPress loads quickly…with some adjustments

The speed of loading time matters. It determines how your visitors interact on your website or blog: time on page, purchasing, sharing…

Adjust your site for proper speed optimizations, and using a fast WordPress theme, WordPress speed increases. Load times under one second are very achievable.

14. WordPress is Mobil Responsive

Phones matter. Visitors access sites from a wide variety of devices. This means you need a responsive design that looks good on more than just computers. Modern WordPress themes support responsive design. This just means your website or blog scales to look good on any device.

15. WordPress Makes Content Creation Simple

Why you should use WordPress: distraction free editing

Know how to create a document in Microsoft Word? Then you can format a post in WordPress. No special coding skills are needed. With a few click of a button, you can fomat text, just like other familiar text editors.

Better yet, tools called page builders can help you build even more complicated designs without needing to know a single line of code.

What’s next?

If you’re ready to jump in and build your WordPress blog or website, you can build your blog today! Access our guide to building your WordPress Blog in 25 Minutes. You’ll have access to how to install WordPress, what hosting to use and how to build content on your site.

Go ahead… if you wait you’re going to wish you started your own WordPress Blog yesterday!

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