3 Types of Blogs That Help Teachers Be More Impactful

Teacher blogs shifts the locus of control from the education to the educator themselves. There are many reasons to start a blog. Today I share with you three types of blogs that might help you hone your focus and give the confidence to build your blog today!

Expecting teachers to build a classroom blog may seem like a daunting task to add to the many responsibilities they already have. But if you’re a teacher who wants to maximize the resources for the 21st century classroom a blog might be just the thing for you.

Before you build a blog you need to decide on the function of your teacher blog. Just making this decision can be overwhelming.

Years ago when I started blogging, I wasn’t sure why I was building it. So my blog included professional development and student resources. I wish somebody would’ve told me in the beginning just how specific I had to be.

Clarify Your Purpose

When you first build a blog a clear vision helps keep your management system organized. With a clear focus comes purposeful content.

Below I share three different types of blogs teachers can create to help support them in their career development.

Classroom Blog

The first type a blog teachers can build as a classroom blog. A classroom blog as a place where you help students become engaged in the learning environment. With skills including collaboration and communication students become navigators of their learning.

Classroom blogging has many benefits. It helps strengthen the whole way to school connection while making resources, tools, and instruction available to students even when they’re not in the classroom.

There are so many benefits of classroom blogs! You’d be amazed at how it impacts both you and your students in your teaching and learning community.

Professional Blog

A professional blog is a tool that will allow you to track evidence of teaching and learning. Regardless of which evaluation system is used by administration, having evidence through documentation is powerful.

With a little understanding of your content management system like word press, you’ll be able to keep all of your instructional artifacts organized and easily accessible for your evaluators. Maintaining a professional blog for your teaching career will also allow you to develop a continuum of growth that you can observe and track overtime. You’re after year your content rows and develops. Including reflections, resources, and evidence of student growth in one place is priceless.

Teacher Branded Blog

If you already have a teachers pay teachers store, you want to sell self-created materials in the future, or if you’re looking to establish yourself as an authority in your given area of study, a brand blog for your teacher identity would be the route to go.

Generally, this type blog is built in the URL that’s dedicated to your name. For instance if your name is Jane Smith then you would get a URL JeanSmith.com. The content of your blog will reveal details that support your purpose and your expertise.  Essentially, your particular brand will be revealed. The most common trait of a branding blog is providing value in your area of expertise.  You position yourself as an expert in the blog niche you chose to focus on in your blog.

If you’re looking to branch out and influence be on the walls of your classroom, a blog branding yourself as an expert might be the way to go.

With the digital age not only are our students required to be aware of any digital citizenship, but so are teachers. If you’ve been thinking about starting a blog to enhance your teaching career, I suggest you just get started. Sometimes clarity comes through action. I can attest to this!

My first blog resulted in learning many skills. A decade ago blogging was more complex. Today you don’t need to know programming to get a blog up and running.

If you’re not sure which type of blog to start for yourself, you can always blend the content and worry about fleshing it out later. You are in total control when you build your teaching blog. But in order to get started, you need to get started!

Building a blog is easy. Maintaining it takes dedication regardless of your purpose. If you started a blog or have questions, scroll down to the comments below and let me know what your greatest successes have been or ask a question about what some of your hurtles are. I’d love to help you get started!

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