2 Simple Tech Tools that Make Teaching Easier

In my classroom I use a lot of video. Unfortunately, our school doesn’t allow access to YouTube in many other video And audio sites. In order to access YouTube whether it was a self-created video on my YouTube channel or accessing a tutorial created by someone else, I would have to use my iPhone as a hot spot throughout the day. Needless to say I ran through my data, And it cost me a great deal of money by the end of the year. I search for a way to solve this problem and when I came up with we’re two tools that gives me great flexibility using video in the classroom. No, many of the videos I use are my own. I have a YouTube channel and upload instructional videos. This isn’t a new concept I any means. But the issue was my students couldn’t access these videos while at school. This sent me on a search and what I came up with was a tool that quickly downloads videos to my computer. The good news is there are no extensions that are downloaded. I’ve had no problem with anything extra being secretly installed in my hard drive like I have in the past with other tools. The tools I came across were video Gravier.com and listen to YouTube.com. Both of these tools have a specific function. Video grabby.com is used to download entire videos. Where as listen to YouTube.com is he used to download MP3s period Here’s a word of caution though video grabby.com does have a explicit advertisements on the lower half of the page. And, these advertisements are above the fold. So if you’re going to use video grabby.com be certain that you’re not in school and use it with discretion when you’re at home. Click on each of the links below. They’re self-explanatory, and they’re very fast. What you do with them once you download them is open to your creativity.


This resource downloads the entire video to your hard drive. You can access them off line. If you want to create your bank of videos and organize them for your own use, they upload nicely to Google Drive. Just be warned, there are some explicit advertisements that pop up on the lower half of the screen, above the fold. So, if you have kids in the house, you may want to precede with caution.


This downloads the MP3 of the video. It’s great for music and even better for audio books. Take it to the next level and download the recordings to your iPhone to take them anywhere. I haven’t had any issues with extensions downloaded to my computer. But, I use a Mac. It may be different for a PC. Hope you like my 2 simple tech tools to help you bring YouTube into your classroom. If you found these tools helpful let me know how you use them in your classroom. SaveSave

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