Teacher Online PortfolioI am simple gal living the dream. Illinois has been home for most of my life. I am a veteran teacher with 25+ years experience in education,  and I have loved every minute of it.  Funny thing is, I am also the eternal student of my passions: teaching, technology, and wellness.

Mentors, trainings, conferences, books … I welcome them all.

My life has become a collection of experiences influenced by my need to feed my interests. This why I enjoy teaching and leading beyond the walls of my classroom.  There is so much information and only a limited amount of time!

So, I set out to share what I know, where I’ve been, and what I have learned along the way with others.

Similar to consulting with educators and school systems about teaching and learning in this brave new world of education,  my other passions lie in the areas that allow me to first help myself so that I can offer support that enhances life and creates results.

Share all that is good in life, and perpetuate the power of positive influence.

My brain is my toy box and I want to share my toys with others.  Life is always more fun when you play with others.   If you’re a reader, a client, or a friend, the underlying motivation remains positive influence. It’s not what I do that allows me to live the good life, but rather the relationships I build that lead to contributions and progress and continually increase the quality of life.

Find out more about my inner nerd by visiting my geek blog, and to discover just how passionate I am about wellness by visiting my health and wellness blog.  If you want to connect with me about a possible consultation or presentations, visit my let’s connect page.

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