About TPC

Teacherpreneur Cafe was started out of need. Every teacher in today’s classroom need Be technically savvy. Tech skills for teachers is another layer of requisites on a the long list of teachers’ professional expectations

I get it.  I am just like you, overwhelmed with the compounding responsibilities that fill our lives as career professionals can be exhausting.  Like you, I have learned to adapt and face obstacles with sometimes reckless enthusiasm. 

You’ve been there I’m sure. You’re given a new initiative to support, a new tech soill to learn, and you dive in head first not knowing what the outcome will be, yet determined enough to help your students succeed while you figure things out on the fly. 

Teacherpreneur Cafe is a hub or resources. This site is a container for information and resources to help teachers like you, teachers who love to teach and who take up the challenges the 21st century presents. 

I know you’re passionate about helping every student succeed.  You want to increase student achievement. But, you’re also looking for a way to expand your professional identity to include the opportunity to share your influence that meets the context of our new global world. 

For these reasons I share tutorials and trainings on blogging, technology resources for teachers and tips to strengthen the culture of learning in ways that meets the needs of our new generation. 

Six years ago I started out online with my classroom blog.  My first attempt was weak, I have to admit. I spent HOURS figuring out the technical skills to make it happen. Since then I’ve rebuilt my site a few times. The learning curve was overwhelming. 

I want you to be able to benefit from building your personal teacher brand online without the deep learning curve.  I also want you to reduce stress by increasing your efficiency in the classroom while still maximizing student achievement. 

The mission of the Teacherpreneur Cafe is to help teacher help themselves. Let’s face it. Teaching is multifaceted. Our attention is pulled in sooo many different direction that it’s easy to get overwhelmed.  

If you love teaching and you want to replace overwhelm with empowerment, you’ve come to the right place. Join our community and take control of your time,attention and focus of your career.  

If you’ve always wanted to start a blog to support your teaching effort I can help. Of course, there are some very important decisions you have to make before you get started, things I wish I would have known before I established myself online. 

You can learn how to build a blog and do it efficiently with my free Blog Building E-Course for teachers. But, you don’t have to build a blog to benefit from the information I share on TeacherpreneurCafe.com because I share strategies and methods to help you do what you do in the classroom even better!

Thanks for visiting my site. Come back often because it’s  growing each week. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.  I want to join forces with you so we can continue impacting our students and prepare them for what lies ahead by building our own skills that add to our continual improvement as influencers in our world of teaching and learning!!!

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