Turn Content into a Slideshow in Less Than 5 Minutes

3 Minute Blogging Tutorials for Teachers

You can repurpose any classroom content into a new presentation that helps you prepare instruction for a wide variety of learning styles. By this I mean, taking previously created informational or instructional resources  and turning it into a new style of presentation. For instance, you can take a blog post or a word document into a video to students for the sake of instruction and generate a slideshow. Sticking to my goal of creating 3 Minute Blogging Tutorials, my goal is to make this fast and painless.  

How to Turn any Blog Post Into a Slideshow in Under 10 Minutes

Step 1 Copy the text out of your blog post or word document and paste it into a .txt document. Step 2 Press enter after each sentence. Each time the enter key in hit, you’re telling the system to create another slide. So, Delete any space between sentences or you’ll have a blank slide between each sentence. Step 3 Copy the .txt document and open PowerPoint (PC) or Keynote (Mac). in a new document open the outline view. Right click on the first slide of the outline and past the .txt document in the outline slide. BAM!!! You’re done! You just created a slideshow from your blog post in under 5 minutes! Now you just need to formate the slides. This is the great first step to a screen-cast, and screen-cast can be an incredible teaching tool.

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